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huge ovarian cyst had CIN 3 treatment & 6 weeks 4 days pregnant

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Courtneybrown Sat 22-Apr-17 19:59:29

Hi ladies I'm sorry this may be long.
This is my third pregnancy so far had two scans for extreme cramping and high blood pressure along with a ovarian cyst.

Yesterday I had my 2nd scan measuring at 6weeks 4days seen my bubbas heart beat.
But can't shift this feeling I'm going to loose this baby.

I'm so stressed out I had a surgery in September to remove a 10cm cyst of left ovary and now it has came back and growing 1.5cm every week and I've had loop treatment for CIN 3 on my cervix to top it off I fell pregnant 3 weeks after coming off contraception implant. Hospital are scaning me every two weeks and they are saying they will be discussing at my 12 week scan what they are doing about cyst they said something about surgery during my pregnancy or removing my baby early and giving me surgery at same time I'm so scared I'm a carer and have been told to be on light duties.

Has anyone else went through this and there baby been ok I thought seeing baby was ok would put me at ease but it hasn't.

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