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Worried -enlarged lymph gland and inflammation markers on liver

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carrottopper Sat 22-Apr-17 18:02:38

I'm feeling very worried about my recent blood results (inflammation markers on liver) and a lump in my throat.

I've had constant colds, laryngitis, coughs for nearly a year. I went to the dr a couple of months ago and he gave me antibiotics for bronchitis and said it could take a while to get better. He also noticed an enlarged lymph gland in my neck. I had a lump in my neck check and had a biopsy taken 19 years ago. They said it was an blocked saliva gland. Nothing more was done. I've always had this lump but the dr said that a blocked saliva gland should have cleared by now.

So I was referred for an ultra sound scan. Three weeks on and I've not heard anything. My dr told me to ring the hospital to check and they have given me an appointment for an ultra sound scan for 2 weeks time.

Meanwhile I have had blood tests results back with inflammation markers on my liver. I'm having these redone next week.

I'm worried. Any experiences people could share?

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