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eek - piles!

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packofshunts Fri 21-Apr-17 12:28:10

So it appears I am the proud owner of a rather large external pile blush. I suspect it first started growing after I gave birth some years ago but it has suddenly 'popped out' and feels huge!

Doesn't hurt as such but I'm constantly aware it's there and the area stings.

Should I first try some kind of ointment? Wondering what Anusol and the like actually does?

worriedme04 Fri 21-Apr-17 15:24:20

I am an expert on piles-lol
I had two which thrombosed after my sons birth-they lasted a good six weeks!(and still pop out to say hello now and again!)
Anyway if yours is not to bad then yes Anusol may work to help with the discomfort and reduce the swelling.(that's all I need to use these days)
The only thing that really cleared mine up when they were really bad was a prescription cream and suppository from the Docs called Scheriproct.
I also needed to use a stool softener because every time I "went" it was making the problem worse
Anyway, Be thankful your little friend is not that bad!!! smile

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