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Spotty back and shoulders at the age of 44!!

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TinfoilHattie Thu 20-Apr-17 16:26:17

I feel like I'm reliving my teenage years again.

My skin has been pretty good for the last 25 years. Odd spot on the chin around period time, fine apart from that. I had a hysterectomy in November after struggling with a mahoosive fibroid. My ovaries were left intact though, so I didn't hit instant menopause.

For the last couple of months my skin has been dreadful - spots on my back and shoulders and the odd one on the chin. None anywhere else. The novelty of squeezing spots again is rapidly wearing off. DH saying "well the hormones have to come out somewhere" hmm which is helpful.

Any suggestions? Or just wait for hormone levels to settle?

zen1 Thu 20-Apr-17 20:09:51

I don't know, but I am the same age and am also experiencing this. I had spots as a teen then my skin cleared up well apart from a couple around menstruation. Last 4 weeks, I have had them on my back again and I can feel them under the skin on my chin and around my nose. I think I have read somewhere that it may signal the fluctuating hormone levels that come with the beginning of menopause.

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