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Post Easter choc binge - now I'm licking my wounds

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Willdoublecheck Thu 20-Apr-17 13:26:21

I've recently been re-reading Gillian Rily's Eating Less and have been incorporating her methods to control overeating. Did very well over Easter, but after a tough and tiring day I lost it the other night.

This carried on into yesterday - hoovering up loads of chocolate and not eating much proper food.

Today I'm back on track with eating for my health, and am choosing to forgive myself and wondering whether I was trying to be too much of a perfectionist about eating over the previous week, which led to an eventual 'snap'.

Trying to be more aware of my triggers and I think that doing too well for too long is one.

I'm currently trying to decide whether to go ahead and 'allow' myself a chocolate binge every week or not.

What positives do you all get from a period of binge-ing on rubbish food? e.g. during and shortly after, I sometimes feel relief that I don't have to be thinking about making healthy meals for a few days, till I get back on track. Also, because I loose self-worth during this time, I often go quite floppy and tired and I get some lovely sympathy from DH.

Anyone else get any positives from temporarily loosing control over food?

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