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When does chronic back/hip pain become a disability?

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scaryclown Thu 20-Apr-17 10:38:44

I have problems with constant lower back or hip pain (it settles in the back of my hips, but feels like its in my sacrum or left hip sometimes), which means if I sit for two hours I suffer pain for the rest of the day into next morning. If I lie down in bed, the pain is always there.

I can do physical work and standing up, but the pain is always there and I will get tired earlier than my muscles do. I can do yoga, fitness, etc etc, so it doesn't prevent movement.

It does limit my sleep, and also I always feel slightly depressed, and short tempered as a result. Sometimes I get the kind of 'life flashing before me' dreams/daydreams that I guess happen with chronic pain.

it takes away my energy in the sense that every available minute I don't have to do something, I lie down or sit very carefully in the right posture.

If I do computer work, I find that it limits my concentration to a point where eventually I am very insular and tunnel visioned, but still nor really concentrating, and I often find I'm using a lot of energy to sort of 'cling on' to movement in my lower back.

When would that start to be considered a disability?

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