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Ct Scan-Polyps-Tumor

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worriedme04 Thu 20-Apr-17 10:10:36

So I have been having stomach ache for months and months.It's not constant but is there more than it isn't(can have loose poops and bellyache for weeks-then be ok again).I also have bad gas-from both ends!
BMs are probably more loose than they are "normal" though I do also have what is classed as normal poops!!
I have been told IBS(the usual route the Docs go down)and indeed been tested for various things-all came back normal.
The fact the stomach ache is pretty much constant-yes it may go away for a week/few days but it always comes back and I never know how long it will last!
This worries me-I have always suffered with my stomach-and the symptoms I had in the past are nothing like what I am experiencing now-especially the belly ache lasting so long.
I had a CT Scan last month and this came back ok.
I am just wondering if it was something like Cancer would it show in the Scan? a lot of what I have read tells me no it would not.
Polyps cannot be seen via a Scan.
However if they were large or if a tumor was present these would show up?
I guess my real question is...
What causes the pain with Bowel Cancer?
If its large polyps/tumors-these would be seen via a Scan?Right?
I am just hoping my stomach pain is IBS but its driving me mad with worry as its so constant and affecting my daily life.
I would like to stop worrying and know one way or the other so I can get on with whatever needs to be done.
Docs keep saying its IBS and I do not need further tests-how can they be so sure?
Do I then have to just put up with this worry and pain.
I have had endoscopy,ultrasound,bloods and celiac screen,CA-125,CT Scan,Calprotectin test and H Pylori.
All of which I am grateful for but still cannot shake the worry and the pain does not help with the way my mind works.
Please could anyone advise even if to simply tell me what you would do in my situation because I now feel hopeless.

rogueantimatter Thu 20-Apr-17 13:18:24

Have you considered food allergies/intolerances? Adult onset is not uncommon. The most common culprits are wheat, dairy, eggs and nuts. You could try eliminating these for a fortnight perhaps or buy a test kit. York labs are good.

A colonoscopy would definitely find a polyp or tumour.

My DM and I had bowel cancer - DM's symptoms were being sick after eating anything. I had sudden extreme and prolonged sensations of needing the loo. I knew it wasn't IBS as there was no stomach ache or cramping. I also had a little bit of bleeding.

I know someone who had bowel cancer which presented initially with extreme rumblings, very loud sounds - apparently the polyp was on a long stalk which was intermittently moving in such a way that it was intermittently blocking the bowel.

Bowel cancer is very unusual in people under the age of 50. Average age at diagnosis is mid 60s. The consultant I saw was shocked to see it in someone in their early 40s.

There is a strong connection between the gut and our brains. I know I used to get IBS when I was stressed. Try to relax by exercising, using a magnesium spray before you go to bed - spray on to your skin - it's very gentle on the digestive system. Avoid caffeine if you can manage it. It's very acidic and can create anxiety in sensitive individuals.

Good luck.

Tw1nsetAndPearls Thu 20-Apr-17 13:24:40

I have a tumour in my bowel, we think I may have had undiagnosed cancer for years - I am very lucky that my cancer is not considered terminal.

My symptoms were/are
IBS symptoms - diarrhoea every morning with had progressively got worse. Awful stomach cramps - this now happens after everything that I eat- it uses to be just after rice, pasta etc which is why I spent far too long with doctors I insisting it was IBS/ crohns etc

My poo is a weird orange/ yellow colour and it stinks

I had very bad anaemia - this was what alerted my GP to a possible cancer diagnosis

I get bloated

You need a colonoscopy - my GP had to kick up a huge fuss to get mine and when I went for the colonoscopy I was made to feel like I was wasting their time - but I have stage 3 cancer and I am very angry about it

rogueantimatter Thu 20-Apr-17 13:42:01

Tw1nset flowers

I know how you feel - this is such a common story. My GP said she had no idea what was causing the extreme sense of urgency and it was only because my DM and my uncle had had BC that she referred me to a consultant who thought it was most likely IBS - I knew it wasn't. Fortunately because of the family history he sent me for a colonoscopy where it was diagnosed instantly. Also stage 3. This was six years ago.

YY to having a colonoscopy. I know loads of people who have had colonoscopies to rule out BC. I wonder why your GP had to push for one and why OP hasn't had one?

Please feel free to pm Tw1nset.

worriedme04 Thu 20-Apr-17 13:51:54

Thank you both for your honest replies.
I DO want a Colonoscopy but Doctor keeps saying it is not ness and that the risks of having one are not worth it-She even told me she knew of someone whom died!!!!!!!!!!!! This has now put the fear of god up me,which is silly because it would appear lots of people get them and indeed some people have numerous ones-I read a thread on here where some people(IBD sufferers mainly) had several.

rogueantimatter Thu 20-Apr-17 14:04:10

My uncle had them every year for five years after his (early) diagnosis.

There is a small risk of the bowel being perforated. Could you get one privately perhaps?

Tw1nsetAndPearls Thu 20-Apr-17 14:07:38

I am convinced that I was made to wait because they were downgrading referrals to meet targets. My GP did a referral in for suspected cancer in July after investigations started in April. NICE stats that I have a right to see a specialist within two weeks. I had a colonoscopy five months later and waited a further two months to see a specialist. After being told it was cancer I am then waiting for three months for surgery - again against NICE guidelines.

randomuntrainedcuntowner Thu 20-Apr-17 14:10:12

Anything serious would have shown on the scan and numerous other investigations. You have IBS. It is not very nice and causes the symptoms you describe.

Tw1nsetAndPearls Thu 20-Apr-17 14:17:28

I have just seen the number of tests you have had. My tumour shows up on a CT scan and so I imagine that a CT scan would show up problems.

worriedme04 Thu 20-Apr-17 14:36:45

My main worry because of the almost constant pain is that I may have a polyp which is cancerous but yet to grow large/into a tumour-so would not perhaps show on a CT Scan.
I have read countless things about Cancer only really being detected by a Colonoscopy-in its early form.
I guess if this is true my symptoms will continue/become worse and I will therefore end up back at the GPs.
Thank you all.
I will see how I go and explore other avenues-like giving up wheat which I have heard could help IBS.

rogueantimatter Thu 20-Apr-17 15:07:54

Polyps are usually very slow growing and don't usually cause symptoms in their early stages as far as I understand.

Definitely worth investigating dairy/wheat intolerance. I have multiple food intolerances and they give me stomach pain. Do you find that your stomach pain is eased by eating?

A private nutritionist would be able to offer advice - not a dietitian btw.

Tw1nset - your wait is awful. I got my scans 2.5 weeks after the colonoscopy. First treatment was supposed to be chemo-radiotherapy followed by surgery. It was scheduled for nine weeks after the scans. When I saw my oncology consultant for the first time and learnt that there was lymph node involvement but still didn't have a start date for the chemo-radiotherapy I was shocked and worried. I looked her in the eye and said very calmly that my main concern was getting treatment started, especially as the time between referral from GP and starting time of treatment would be at least seven months and it was 'frustrating' to read the advice about getting symptoms checked out at as early a stage as possible to give the best outcome. Whether she thought I would kick up a fuss or what I don't know - I come across as pretty meek and mild. But she picked up the phone to the day chemo-ward there and then and got me in for two cycles of chemo, starting the following week. That brought the start date of treatment forward by six weeks. I wonder if that would be a possibility for you? At the consultation appointment after the surgery I had to remind her about the two cycles of chemo I'd had before the surgery and she said, "Ooh that was quite cavalier of me"! I had researched the optimum time for post- surgery chemo - six weeks - so when she said that the chemo would start in what would have been ten weeks after the surgery, I asked if she could arrange to start it in six weeks and she did.

There's an organisation which works to promote best interests of patients, but I don't know their name. Might be worth trying. Also cancer BACUP. Could you have surgery in a different area to speed things along?

Tw1nsetAndPearls Thu 20-Apr-17 15:16:44

Thanks rogue surgery is Monday and so no point now. When I complained about the wait for surgery I was told that there was a lack of beds and that other patients had more aggressive forms of cancer i.e. Terminal . I felt like I couldn't complain under those circumstances.

My cancer is slow growing but it is in my lymph nodes and we don't know how long it has been there for. I have dark scared days when I think that they are going to operate and they will discover that it has spread . Fortunately most days I feel positive and grateful that my GP kept persevering - she has saved my life.

rogueantimatter Thu 20-Apr-17 15:30:08

Monday! Nearly there now. Very best wishes.

Something I hadn't realised about the lymph node involvement is that until they remove the lymph nodes at the time of surgery, they don't definitively know if there are cancer cells actually in the nodes. They will examine several nodes after surgery. Sometimes the nodes are inflamed because they're busy keeping the cancer cells out so on the scans it looks like they may have cancerous cells when they don't.

I think it's encouraging that they haven't offered you pre-surgical chemo-radiotherapy. (I had spots of cancer throughout the 'abdomen'). They would know if it had spread - they'd see spots on your liver probably.

I totally know how you feel - it's hard not to have dark days from time to time. Very best of luck with the op - you'll feel so much more in control once you've had it done. flowers

rogueantimatter Thu 20-Apr-17 15:32:00

The NHS is under such a strain.... very frustrating for you. Best of luck again. Have a lovely time on the morphine . I love morphine all your cares just melt away.

Tw1nsetAndPearls Thu 20-Apr-17 16:07:47

I love morphine. I was in hospital a few years ago with ovary issues and was given liquid morphine to take home. I can fully understand why people get addicted

Tw1nsetAndPearls Thu 20-Apr-17 16:10:39

Thanks rogue. I don't really understand lymph nodes if I am being honest. People seem to think that if you have cancer you suddenly become an expert.

As you say there is much to be positive about.
I haven't been scanned now for well over a month. I do worry about what is going on in there but all things considered - I am lucky

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