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Back pain and numbness

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Tumtitum Mon 17-Apr-17 22:20:52

Just wondering if anyone knows what this is... will be going to docs on thurs but wondering if if they will be able to do anything or if I'm better off seeing an osteopath or Physio.
I have pain in my left side at the waist, mainly in the back but spreading to the stomach muscles also. I always have tight hamstrings and glutes. My whole lower back is generally tight. Stretching hurts. It has varied over the last week or so from being vaguely uncomfortable, to very uncomfortable, to no bother except if I twist or bend.
Taking ibuprofen, paracetamol, tried ibuprofen gel, heat. Nothing seems to make a huge difference.
I suspect it's related to picking DD up on that side, as I also have a sore wrist/thumb which I got when she was first born and the GP said it was like a RSI. It went away on its own.
Now I have a numb patch across the front of my hip and running round my side. Not completely numb but that feeling you get when an anaesthetic is wearing off. It's been constant now for about the last 24 hours. Could it mean there's a trapped nerve somewhere?

SisterKhloe Tue 18-Apr-17 13:09:28

Look up cauda equina and see if that matches your symptoms. I'd get it seen sooner (could be quite serious.) I don't know much about it, just know it's nothing to mess around with.

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