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What's in baked beans/hoops?

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IknowIAM1985 Sun 16-Apr-17 23:08:47

Ok I know they're full of sugar and my DC get them maybe once or twice a month as an emergency tea. Ie eggs and beans etc

However every time my DC2 has them she has a reaction and her cheek goes bright red! What's the ingredient causing this?

Lukeandlorelai4Ever Sun 16-Apr-17 23:09:47

Is it the tomato in it?

IknowIAM1985 Mon 17-Apr-17 00:13:31

Pretty sure ok with other tomato

Ie I make pizza base sauces from tinned tomato. Etc

Mummytron Mon 17-Apr-17 19:26:39

They're one of your 5 or 10 a day so can't be that bad for you!!

Aquamarine70 Wed 19-Apr-17 02:19:14

Is there any paprika or it coujd be food colouring? My daughter reacts to paprika & gets a red face.

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