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I don't know if my toddler is okay.?! (FTM)

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WhyTheHeckMe Sat 15-Apr-17 21:00:49

First time mum - still clueless. Always vowed to not be one that rushed to the docs at first sign of a cold but find it hard to not be overprotective!

On Thursday I got a call from nursery at lunch saying DS (age 15 months) had broken out in an odd rash all over his tummy and back and I had to collect him immediately. I did and took him to the docs. He didn't have a temperature, no sign of a cold. Ears throat chest all clear. Doc was a little baffled by the rash and said to keep an eye on him.
Friday (yday) he was very clingy and one minute would be playing then next would drop to the floor and just scream and cry. Wouldn't be picked up but didn't want to be on his own. I followed him around strocking his back and kept him topped up with calpol and ibuprofen.
This morning I went in his room and the cot was full of sick that he'd slept in :-(
He was then sick immediately after breakfast, at lunch time he was sick again (no food) then a bout of diarrhoea late afternoon.
He has slept all day and is very tearful. The rash is almost gone.
He hasn't had a temperature at any point.

My mum has suggested I should call 111 tonight but he's now in bed sleeping and I'm not too sure what I expect them to say?

Does this just sound like a normal virus to you and if you were me would you just assess the situation in the morning?

Thanks :-)

endofthelinefinally Sat 15-Apr-17 21:05:29

Did he have anything to eat or drink at nursery?
My ds had a very bad reaction to juice he was given at nursery. Came out in a horrible rash and was sick later. Better in 24 hours.
We subsequently figured out it was orange colouring he was allergic to.

user1471558436 Sat 15-Apr-17 21:05:45

OK So the rash has almost gone. I'd probably see how he is tomorrow. Can you sleep in his room?

WhyTheHeckMe Sat 15-Apr-17 21:09:27

I called nursery after the docs and they said he'd only had things he's had before. He's never had a rash or even been sick before now! I think that's why I'm a little nervous. The rash is under the skin but doesn't look anything like meningitis and it disappears under a glass

Yeah I'm already thinking I'll drag the spare bed mattress in his room tonight. Felt bloody awful this morning seeing he'd slept in sick all night :-(

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