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Urine infection, when to go back to GP?

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Fauxgina Fri 14-Apr-17 12:27:40

I've started my antibiotics Monday evening and I'm still feeling rough with a slight temperature.

I had a hysterectomy 3 weeks ago to correct a prolapse but they couldnt correct my bladder prolapse so I'm unable to completely empty bladder. To be fair I was also like that before my op but it's never caused an infection before.

I'm not drinking as much water as I could be so I will try better today. Any other advice? I'm not sure at what point I should go back, especially as GP closed till Tues. I'm on MacroBID.

highinthesky Fri 14-Apr-17 12:51:01

Keep drinking plenty, and keep an eye on your temperature. I take it the Macrobid is a 7 day course that you will complete on Monday?

Any sign of a reversal of symptoms, nausea, or flank pain needs to be seen.

Fauxgina Fri 14-Apr-17 13:11:58

Thank you High. Doc said it was a 3 day course or I could extend it to 6 days, although I did get 14 tablets! I think as it's so persistent I'll take all of them.

Thanks for letting me know what to look out for star

eurochick Fri 14-Apr-17 13:21:35

I'm joining this thread in sympathy. I've had a uti since Tuesday. I tried to treat with over the counter stuff and it seemed a bit better on Wednesday but I was really ill on Thursday. Managed to get a prescription so also on macrobid. I was given a three day course. I'm halfway through and still feeling rough. I thought I would be feeling better by now. Meh. I have lots of Easter plans too!

I hope you feel better soon.

Fauxgina Fri 14-Apr-17 14:52:21

Misery loves company euro hop on board!

Hope you feel better soon too flowers

highinthesky Fri 14-Apr-17 16:29:07

Well I hope you're not miserable for long! I wish you both better flowers

eurochick Fri 14-Apr-17 18:24:42

Thank you!

zen1 Fri 14-Apr-17 22:27:51

If you have been prescribed a 3 day dose of Trimethoprim, it should have kicked in by now. I get regular UTIs, but often they are resistant to this particular abx. Can you go to out of hrs with a sample and ask them to send it away to see which drugs the bacteria is sensitive to and meanwhile ask them to switch you to different abx?

highinthesky Sat 15-Apr-17 00:33:13

It is not trimethoprim that has been prescribed. A little patience, a lot of fluids and some watchful waiting are in order.

zen1 Sat 15-Apr-17 00:51:09

Yes, just seen its nitrofurantoin. All the same, if there's no improvement within a couple of days, I would still go back.

DrCoconut Sat 15-Apr-17 00:56:46

I'd go back, via out of hours if need be, if you feel you are getting worse again. UTI's can hospitalise you if left (bitter experience there). Don't panic but be vigilant.

Fauxgina Sat 15-Apr-17 15:16:28

Thanks all. I felt a bit crap last night but slept well. Terrible pain after I woke up. Now at EGU, retaining urine slightly. Had in/out cath now on 4 hour check of bladder but just threw up a lot of water.

On new antibiotic trimethoprim, suspect that's why I vomited. Not sure what's next. Appreciate support.

highinthesky Sat 15-Apr-17 16:43:33

I'm glad you sought medical help earlier. Is your urinary flow normalising now? And has an association with your recent surgery been ruled out?

Nausea and vomiting can occur with trimethoprim unfortunately. Eating something before your next dose may help.

Fauxgina Sat 15-Apr-17 19:34:57

I'm feeling better but have been admitted now as they say I have sepsis, my temp and heart rate are going up. Doc did say I look very well for that diagnosis though!!

They're giving me a scan tomorrow, checking for ovarian cyst, scanning bladder and checking for remnants from hysterectomy. Doing full bloods, the ones from earlier today didn't show much though.

zen1 Sun 16-Apr-17 00:17:17

That's awful OP, sorry to hear that. Glad they have admitted you and are keeping an eye on you. Are you still just on the Trimethoprim or have they given you something else given the sepsis? Hope you feel better soon flowers

highinthesky Sun 16-Apr-17 03:02:30

OMG, this is v serious. I'm wondering if this is actually acute kidney injury. Time and your test results will tell!

Don't worry about anything, concentrate on getting yourself better. And certainly don't post if you don't feel well enough!


Fauxgina Sun 16-Apr-17 09:01:55

Thanks both smile

Off for a scan soon which is good I thought I'd have to wait all day. My tummy still feels really sore but codeine is helping.

I've stopped taking trimethoprim and have been put on 2 IV antibiotics but don't know the names.

2 bags of fluid through the night, I'm managing to wee fully I think but it takes a really long time of stopping and starting and changing positions and urine looks relatively dark. Still no blood in it.

zen1 Sun 16-Apr-17 10:42:27

Good to hear you are on the IVs plus fluid. Hopefully they will take effect soon and you will be up and about again before too long. Take it easy and I hope you are able to get some rest (not always easy in a ward!).

RobotsinDisguise Sun 16-Apr-17 21:56:22

Faux, I'm sorry to hear about this. I hope they can sort you out properly soon.

eurochick Mon 17-Apr-17 08:33:23

Oh crikey! I hope you feel better soon OP. My uti see,s to have cleared up but I am still left with awful achy bones as a side effect from the antibiotics.

Fauxgina Tue 18-Apr-17 07:32:24

Still in hospital, temperature has started to go down but keeps popping back up again. Pain almost went last night as my bowels opened I think, but back again in the night. Pain is general all over tummy which I don't think is helping them pinpoint the problem.

They are considering its not related to gynae problems so sending me off for a CT scan today really hopeful it has some good answers.

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