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Help not sure if ads fainted.

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Generallyok Fri 14-Apr-17 11:06:46

Ds in 10 and getting over a stinking cold.i left him upstairs having a shower. I went downstairs and heard a loud bump. Not unusual as ds is always hurling himself off bed etc, but called out and ran upstairs. Ds was sitting on landing looking a bit sheepish. I asked him what the noise was and he said she didn't know how how he fallen.He is not hurt but he said he had a pain in his head for a minute.I asked him what he remembered and it looked like he was suppressing a laugh but said he thinks he blacked out. He didn't look shaken or pale. Wondering if fluid in ears just made him a bit dizzy as can't see if he had properly blacked out how he wouldn't have hurt himself on banisters etc on way down. He seems fine now. Drs closed so don't know what to do.

BellaVida Fri 14-Apr-17 11:14:55

I would simply say to him that if he thinks he blacked out, then you may need to get him checked out at A&E. Tell him it is important that he tells you everything he remembers before and after. If he was messing about, he will own up!

MyVisionsComeFromSoup Fri 14-Apr-17 11:16:18

IME of fainting DD, she tends to go totally limp, and crumple downwards, with her head being the last thing to fall sideways. She very rarely hurts herself from bashing on something as she faints, it's more likely to be spraining something if she lands awkwardly (like ankle or wrist, if that ends up bent underneath). She's fainted at the top of the stairs several times, and all that happens is she slides down on her back generally, bumping her head a bit on the steps as she comes down, a bit of concussion, but no actual damage ifswim.

So, yes, its perfectly possible to faint but not hurt yourself. However, she is almost always very shakey and disorientated afterwards.

For your DS, i'd be tempted to make sure his fluid levels were right up, and try to make sure that he stands up from lying slowly in several stages until he's over the cold. Dizziness can be made worse if dehydrated (even slightly) and it's also a side effect/symptom of lots of viral things too. Has he eaten this morning? Obviously if you're worried, or it happens again, get medical advice.

Generallyok Fri 14-Apr-17 11:29:00

Thanks for replies. Yes I did say we will need to take you to hospital but from previous experience he quite likes hospitals so that didn't really worry him. He had eaten a pain au chocolate but hadn't anything to drink I discovered afterwards so making him drink lots. Don't want to neglect anything but not sure what a dr would do anyway today. Supposed to be going on holiday to Devon tomorrow. Am I neglecting if he seems ok now. His dr always says he has lots of fluid in ears.

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