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Nasty viral or infection?

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DeanaPiana Fri 14-Apr-17 10:07:32

I've been having these same symptoms for 6-8 weeks. I apologise for these gruesome details.

I have an awful stuff nose, where I am constantly sneezing on and off, and it is impacting my quality of sleep. It's sometimes the odd bit runny too. Every time I blow my nose, orange mucus comes away, and every time after that when I blow my nose immediately after the orange stuff, it's just clear really.

I cannot breathe at all through my nose and I'm waking myself up each night. I thought it was a common cold but after 2 weeks passe, I wondered what else. I don't think it's seasonal related because no real pollens were out 8 weeks ago.

It just won't go away, no matter how careful I am with staying healthy and hydrated. I'm so fed up. I'm always so run down and can never get rid of anything easily. My immune system seems rubbish. I am bruising everywhere and constantly fatigued but I think that's a separate thread altogether since GP ruled out anything by bloods. I also regularly vomit blood but they can't find a cause (it's been 5 years). No ulcers, nothing.

I'm 8 weeks pregnant so as you can imagine feel generally shite anyway sad

Tried to see GP but no appointments and you have to keep on ringing during the day in hope of a cancellation. I just don't know what to do.

Thank you flowers

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