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Swollen painful hard left boob

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MillyMoo1113 Thu 13-Apr-17 20:26:21

Just that really, in night I was woken up every time I moved, felt like a rock moving inside my boob if I turned over. This morning stood in front of mirror, it looks bigger than other one, and I can squash normal one fine, is soft, left one feels hard inside, hurts just laid down

Any ideas?

allthingslipsticks Thu 13-Apr-17 20:29:40

I'd make an appointment with my GP, sounds like you should get this checked out.

d270r0 Thu 13-Apr-17 20:29:44

Are you breastfeeding? Sounds like mastitis

MamaWren Thu 13-Apr-17 20:31:03

You can get mastitis even when your not breastfeeding - definitely get it checked out.

MillyMoo1113 Thu 13-Apr-17 20:32:32

Not breastfed for 15 years and even then only for a few days. I did wonder about mastitis, I might ring for emergency appointment for tomoro.

BG2015 Thu 13-Apr-17 21:55:21

I had mastitis about 2 years ago aged 46. Never breastfed. Dr gave me antibiotics. It was very painful

MillyMoo1113 Thu 13-Apr-17 23:45:03

I've rung 111 to get an appointment for tomoro and they've asked me to go in at 145 this morning! Need coffee to stay awake now!

ImperialBlether Thu 13-Apr-17 23:51:00

I hope everything goes well.

dotdotdotmustdash Fri 14-Apr-17 00:00:22

I had this recently, started with pain and hardness in one breast, then moved to the other. It lasted about a week and I was becoming concerned. Out of the blue I had a horrendous period, long after I thought they had stopped as it had been 18months since the last one. I'm 47. The breast problem disappeared with the period.

MillyMoo1113 Fri 14-Apr-17 00:49:37

I'm 40, am on the pill so my periods are regular, will see what doc says

MillyMoo1113 Fri 14-Apr-17 10:07:12

So I went at 2 this morning for appointment to be told that there was no female on the premises so I couldn't be examined.....

So I came home, phoned 111 again, who were lovely and said I had an appointment at 10 with a female doctor.

Walked in the room and it's a man....

So am back in waiting room as there is apparently a female doctor but no one told them the appointment had to be with her.....

ImperialBlether Fri 14-Apr-17 10:30:55

Are you not allowed to be seen if there's not a woman present?

Piehunter Fri 14-Apr-17 10:34:26

imperial nope! For drs protection from allegations. I had to go to a and e and wait in acute urinary retention for catheter as there were only male staff in OOH, my husband was with me but he'd be biased in case of allegations hmm

milly really hope they can sort you out without another trip!!

DubiousCredentials Fri 14-Apr-17 13:42:51

I've had my breasts examined by a male doctor confused he asked if I wanted a chaperone and I said no. Maybe it varies from area to area.

Hope you get seen soon op.

Piehunter Fri 14-Apr-17 13:46:22

They won't even examine my stomach (prior surgery, scar) without a female chaperone in my area, maybe they're just super cautious!!

MillyMoo1113 Fri 14-Apr-17 16:52:42

I got to see a woman doctor eventually, didn't wait too long and she was lovely. Have flucloxacillin for mastitis and feldene gel to relieve he pain, but there is a definate hard mass, feels a couple of inches tbh, so I have to see my own gp Tuesday morning to get referred for an urgent mammogram within 2 weeks.

Have miraculously managed to book an appointment online with the best GP in the practice for 715 Tuesday morning and have emailed work to say I won't be in til I've seen someone as I'm a bit of a state and my head(I teach) has been fabulous, rang me straight back, told me not to come on til I'm sorted and have seen someone and feel ready to.

Post divorce and a load of other hassle, this as last thing I needed.....

DubiousCredentials Fri 14-Apr-17 17:59:59

All breast referrals are urgent two week hobbies so don't let bit that worry you. Most lumps are benign and pain isn't usually a symptom of anything sinister. There are many threads about breast lumps on here if you do a quick search.

9 out of 10 breast clinic referrals end up being benign conditions. Try not to worry flowers

GissASquizz Fri 14-Apr-17 18:08:09

I had an infected breast a couple of years ago. Very painful. Came on all of a sudden and I felt quite unwell. I was examined and given antibiotics then went back a week later. There was still a hard mass but the pain had gone, so had a mammogram the next day. It was just fluid from the infection and another dose of antibiotics got rid. So you're doing all the right things but please try not to jump ahead.

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