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Need to vent - promotion of alt therapies for cancer

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lasttimeround Thu 13-Apr-17 08:43:35

I'm fuming at my df just now and need to spill it somewhere.
My f sent me a video yesterday that promotes B17 laetrile as a cancer treatment and lists various foods containing this. Video goes on about pharmaceutical industry profiteering and suppressing this amazing discovery and recommends not doing chemo radiotherapy or surgery for cancer. He's circulated this to a number of people.
There's a number of alternative health supporters in our family on both ends. Meanwhile my husband and I are dealing with him having MS and our daughter being severely learning disabled and autistic. Generally we try to just let it wash over us. Vague mm hmms as people go on about expensive and even potentially harmful 'natural remedies'. Occasionally we try to explain that at the very least there's an opportunity cost to all this. We have a hard time keeping our little family show on the road. When we invest time or money in something it needs to be well spent.
But my dad feels like the last straw. My mother died of cancer. They are both medical professionals. She survived well beyond her prognosis in part because she got herself onto an early tamoxifen trial. I really expected better of my dad. Supposedly great brain, medical education he's a professor ffs! He taught at the medical faculty in my country of origin and chaired the medical board. It's so irresponsible. Very limited googling comes up with plenty of evidence that this is just balls. So many people will respect what he has to say because of his career snd quals and therefore take this pernicious nonsense more seriously.

I'm also hugely back at the total betrayal I felt early on with my daughter. I have a PhD in social sciences and had been struggling my way through the literature on autism interventions. Trying to work out what was grounded in evidence and what just pretended to be - and noticing my lack of higher education in the natural sciences meant there are things I couldn't really assess properly. My dad and my sister both have medical degrees from a European university equivalent of Oxford. I asked them for help repeatedly. But at that time they just treated me like a neurotic mother. Nothing wrong with dd apart from my parenting. Dd is off the scale disabled. It's not subtle more classic kanners autism very severely LD. Since her formal diagnosis they cant play the "lasttimeround is crazy" card anymore so they dialled that back. I guess this video hits the same hurt and anger for me. My sister is quite unstable in terms of her mental health so I just try to breathe and ignore and see this as an expression of other issues. My father - I just don't understand why having all those tools he just abdicates responsibility like that.
Sorry this is a really long post. But every time my mind goes to this I'm just so so upset and furious

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