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Poss heart murmur and feeling breathless

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JeffyJeffington Wed 12-Apr-17 21:56:58

Been getting tightness in chest recently (always at rest and no pain, just tightness and a bit breathless for a few mins every So often) and went to dr yesterday. I half expected to be told i was imagining it but she listened to chest and said she could hear a slight murmur so said as a precaution i should get an x ray, ecg, blood tests and reversibility check. I've started booking all those things but wondering how concerned i should be? Just got the feeling again just now and felt a bit more breathless than previous times and even a bit faint/dizzy. But perhaps I'm just a bit worried/anxious? Anyone else experienced similar? Obviously i know i just need to be patient and get tests done and back to dr.......! In good health otherwise and early 30s.....

TheSpottedZebra Wed 12-Apr-17 22:33:18

Heart murmurs can just be nothingy. I've had a million and one medical tests and treatment for various things throughouy my life. And then one time, a dr said something like - when did you last get your heart murmur checked?

Huh? So yes, it seems I had one, and it had never been commented on. I had to have further tests, but it turned out it was mild, and didn't really have any impact. I have it regularly checked but all is fine.

Obviously I don't know anything about your situation, but it can be ok. I hope yours is too. The waiting and the worrying are awful though.

Oddly, the next week, my adult cat also got diagnosed with a heart murmur too.

JeffyJeffington Wed 12-Apr-17 23:11:46

thanks for your reply zebra it's really reassuring that it can be no big deal at all. I'll just keep an eye on the breathless feeling- i kind of hope it does turn out to be a but psychosomatic/symptom of anxiousness!

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