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Worst period pain ever

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This is a bit of a long one, sorry. The year before last I had excruciating pains, I was taken to hospital and they thought I had appendicitis until they did an ultrasound and found it was endometriosis, there were cysts on my ovaries and womb. I've had painful periods since but not as bad as that.

My period started the other day and the pains have been worse than before. Last night was agony, I've never felt so physically sick with pain before. It's eased off this morning but any pressure on my tummy is really painful, it's really hurting on and off but the worst is the bloating, it's been this way for about a week now since PMT started and it just feels huge and full and uncomfortable.

The weird thing is that I quite often have heavy periods. This one isn't even that heavy, but the pain is on another level. I've taken tramadol for it (I was given it for the periods and mid-cycle pain months ago, only have to take it occasionally) and it's only taking the edge off it.

I don't know what I'm asking really, I'm just feeling fed up and wondering whether this is something I just have to put up with, is this normal for endometriosis, or is it out of the ordinary and should I try to get checked? I don't want to waste time if it's normal endometriosis symptoms.

Well done if you made it through that, I'm functioning on not much sleep today after last night

mythorreal Tue 11-Apr-17 20:24:33

Endometriosis causes painful periods. Looks like you are having extreme pain. There are treatment available for this. Consider GP consultation. May be refereal to gynae.

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