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Men's health issue...

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amammabear Mon 10-Apr-17 21:23:19

Sorry, I really didn't know what to title this! I'm hoping someone will be able to offer some advice.

I know a man... Ahem... Who has an issue with his penis. He's only very recently become sexually active so I'm not sure that he'd ever realised that this isn't normal. The problem is that he cannot achieve a complete erection, only ever getting part way, and I suspect this may be because his foreskin won't pull back away from the head- it gets completely stuck and just won't move at all and he finds it painful.

He won't go and get medical advice angry but I'm worried about what other effects this might be having, I think he's having some psychological issues that may be related, not that he'd admit it, but I'm also worried that it might cause some real medical issues- what do you all think?

amammabear Mon 10-Apr-17 21:49:51


Aquamarine1029 Wed 19-Apr-17 13:32:52

The issue with your foreskin is VERY common and doctors treat it all the time. Come on now, you're a grown man and won't see a doctor? That's just ridiculous. You would rather have a shit sex life forever than see a doctor who has seen this a million times before? Stop being foolish and make an appointment.

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