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How to gain weight safely?

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sk1pper Mon 10-Apr-17 20:38:24

Not sure if many people have been in this fairly unique situation but I need to put on weight in order to start IVF.

A bit of a back story...
I have always been thin and I do not have an eating disorder. My OH describes me as "eating like a horse and burning like the Sun" so pretty sure its all down to an incredibly high metabolism. I have to walk 3 miles each day to and from work, and I do Yoga once a week - neither of these things I'm prepared to stop because I think its important to stay fit.

I've had a Google browse and the main food groups for putting on weight seem to be rice, nuts/seeds, bananas, eggs and milk. I eat rice 4-5 times a week (we cook a lot of Thai, Japanese, Chinese food), I have a high protein nut bar and a banana at work every day (along with 2 other portions of fruit and whatever I'm eating for lunch), and I always have eggs in wholemeal muffins most mornings (sometimes musili). I can't really drink milk so tend to substitute this out for coconut milk which is much higher in fat content.

So I'm kind of at a loss here...anyone know what else I could try?

Also, please, please, please understand I am not here to gloat about how I do not put on weight. This is a genuine issue that I am struggling with and yes, I realise how lucky have been up until now.

millifiori Mon 10-Apr-17 23:07:24

Have you been tested for hyperthyroid? Walking 3 miles a day and yoga once a week is pretty low intensity exercise.
The nuts, bananas, protein bars all sound good.
I had to feed DS2 up as he was skeletal - off the scale for his age and height. I layered peanut butter and full fat philadelphia on wholemeal bread, gave him guacamole made with fresh avocado and sour cream (eaten with tortillas or cream or Ritz crackers, not on its own), fried everything in olive oil rather than steaming or grilling, melted butter over veg. I also made him a very rich plain cake using almond flour, sugar, real butter and lots of eggs, which can be topped with cream cheese frosting or have whipped cream and jam in the middle.

The GP also suggested adding an extra meal each day so he started having supper every night - crackers and cheese and banana.
Not very healthy but if you want quick weight gain, ice cream and chocolate are the foods Hollywood actresses like Rene Zellweger turn to when they have to put on weight for a role. But too much sugar daily is addictive, so you're probably better off mixing complex carbs with plenty of fats and rich proteins.

Good luck with TTC

sk1pper Tue 11-Apr-17 07:40:59

I have been told it could be hyperthyroidism but the Doctor didn't seem worried because although my weight is low, it isn't dangerously low and remains constant. It just needs to be a bit more than what it is for IVF.

You've given me some great ideas, I love both avocado and peanut butter so can include those. Also, should be easy enough for me to have another main meal at 9 or 10pm though will need to make sure it's something OH doesn't like or he'll start eating too. Trying to stay clear of sugary foods unless it's naturally occurring but that can always be my last resort. Thank you!

DuckWaddle Sun 16-Apr-17 12:13:35

I've just seen this and I immediately thought of coeliac disease. Have you been tested? It can affect fertility and it can also mean you find it hard to put on weight

danTDM Sun 16-Apr-17 12:17:35

I had to put on weight in hospital, and fast!

They gave me a protein drink am, lunch and pm) it was horrendous forcing it down. But I put on weight very quickly. 3 months?

Trying to lose some now, a year later grin But healthy!!

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