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Sweating profusely - any cures?

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newname999 Sat 08-Apr-17 16:03:07

I suffer terribly from sweating mainly on my head. My hair gets so wet you'd think I'd just had a shower It's making me very self conscious and uncomfortable. It can happen anytime - sitting reading or out shopping, walking. There's no pattern. I am overweight (have started walking to try and start losing weight) and peri menopausal and GP says it's menopausal hot flushes. I've tried medications- propranolol, fluoxetine, hrt, clonadine and sage tablets. Nothing works. I think there's more to it than the menopause but am struggling where to go next. I did some shopping this morning and by the time I got home sweat was pouring down my face and hair was soaking and I'm panicking that if I'm like this now what will I be like in the summer!

Does anyone have any miracles cures/remedies for this. Will try anything as it's really starting to get me down. Thank you x

KingIrving Sat 08-Apr-17 20:48:35

Botox injections have been proved to work. I would recommend you film yourself and go back to GP to escalate to the next level of care.

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