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TheOriginalChatelaine Sat 08-Apr-17 12:45:48

Anyone else here expecting to be on Tamoxifen for ten years? I had BC & treatment 2011 - 2012. ILC, nodes clear, radiotherapy one month. My last annual mammo will be next year. My question is, do you have regular gynecalogical check ups? After the first two years I switched to a aromatose inhibitor but it gave me such awful joint pain that I felt like an old woman it was terrible so I switched back even though statistically the other is better I'm told. Thank you.

TheOriginalChatelaine Mon 10-Apr-17 20:16:50


weebarra Mon 10-Apr-17 20:25:53

I was on tamoxifen for 2 years but no one mentioned anything about any extra gynaecology check ups other than three yearly smears.
I'm now on an aromatase inhibitor but only because my oncologist thought it was better for my particular situation.

wineoclockthanks Mon 10-Apr-17 20:29:22

I've been on tamoxifen for nearly 3 years. I have an annual check up with my oncologist and 6monthly with my surgeon. I wasn't having any gyne check ups.

Last May I had a period for the first time in 2 1/2 years. I then saw a gynaecologist who removed a uterine polyp. A scan earlier this year showed a problem with one of my ovaries and so I had my ovaries, uterus and cervix removed 5 weeks ago (and there was another polyp growing).

My surgeon said that the polyps could only have been caused by the tamoxifen, which I hadn't known so I'm really glad they were spotted so early.

wineoclockthanks Mon 10-Apr-17 20:30:35

Hello wee, we mustn't keep on meeting like this grin. Hope all is good with you smile

Ahmezia Mon 10-Apr-17 20:39:04

Oh gosh! I was on Tamoxifen for 2 years (initially told it would be 5 years) then when they established I'd gone through the menopause I was changed to Letrozole which I started taking last October.

Like wineoclock I have yearly checks with my oncologist and yearly with my surgeon so 6 months apart. No gynae checks but yearly mamograms. I've had bad joint pains with Letrozole (particularly my ankles) and to my horror had my first period in 3 years last week. I am awaiting an MRI scan so fingers crossed it's nothing too serious.

I'm now told I'll be on medication for 10 years.

Crumbs1 Mon 10-Apr-17 21:19:14

I've been on Tamoxifen since 2009 and have another three years to go. No specific gynae check ups - can't tell endometrial thickness from that but 2 week referral for hysteroscopy at first sign of problem in my case.

TheOriginalChatelaine Mon 10-Apr-17 21:53:48

Thank you everyone. I had some small polyps removed in 2013 after some unusual bleeding so was given an internal ultrasound. I will see my gp to discuss this as the consultant at my last follow up raised the issue of screening. Just to ask - I've been told that next year will be my last annual mammogram, after which I will be offered 3 yearly screening. Not sure how I feel about that.

TheOriginalChatelaine Mon 10-Apr-17 21:56:14

I meant to ask, have others been switched to three yearly screening after five years of annual screening? Mammogram that is.

Crumbs1 Mon 10-Apr-17 22:25:15

No ten years annual mammograms for me.

TheOriginalChatelaine Wed 12-Apr-17 22:14:54

Crumbs1 - I hope you don't mind me asking; what was the main factor in offering you ten years follow up with mammogram?

Crumbs1 Wed 12-Apr-17 22:30:43

They were following NICE guidance that post five years screening is risk based with higher risk women being offered extended annual mammograms. I had significant node involvement and moderate prognosticators so get the ten year follow up.

TheOriginalChatelaine Fri 14-Apr-17 16:05:59

Thank you crumb1. Hope you are doing well.

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