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Has anyone tried laser for stress incontinence / vaginal rejuvenation (eg Gynelase)?

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miniella Sat 08-Apr-17 12:25:47

Hello all,

I have had a horrendous birth which has left me with bad stress incontinence. I started physiotherapy 6 weeks after the birth (privately to make it happen), and over the past year I have done a mixture of regular physio sessions + daily electric stimulation at home + pelvic floor exercises. I have had some progress and the incontinence is no longer as bad as it was, but I still can't run or jump and after nearly a year of doing all of this I am frankly sick with it. I used to exercise a lot and I find this problem really depresses me and impacts my enjoyment of life!

Anyway, I am now considering surgery but I have learnt that there exists laser therapy (Gynelase / Thermiva) that can be used to tighten the vaginal walls and cure mild to moderate stress incontinence. I was wondering if any one had tried this and if it had been effective? Personally I am more interested in the effect on incontinence than any aesthetic/sexual benefits (basically I don't want to wear f** tenas any more) but I would really be most grateful for any testimonies of anyone who has tried it. Thanks in advance!

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