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Breast/Lymph Gland referral

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MumsBiscuits Fri 07-Apr-17 09:51:54

Anyone been to a breast clinic for a lymph gland?

I saw dr for what I thought was a breast lump, have been aware of it for about 4 months – it was pain that made me notice it which I believe is usually a good sign.. on the side of my breast by my lower armpit. I have been run down with colds on & off. .. but it’s still there and occassionally tender. She said is a lymph glad and wasn’t sure what to do - asked if I wanted it checked. I’m 42 with maternal history of breast cancer (mum died aged 51, diagnosed in her 40s and her sister also died) so of course I said yes I’d like it checked?! Said she’d write to the breast clinic and ask them what to do.

Letter arrived in post with an apmnt at a Breast Surgery clinic in 10 days. Am trying not to read too much into the fact it’s a surgery clinic and assuming it’s just cos the dr didn’t know who to refer to…

Any words of wisdom appreciated..


hairymuffet Fri 07-Apr-17 10:10:41

Me too.
I think it's the norm to be referred to the breast clinic for lumps and bumps.
It's usually a 2 week urgent referral, I wouldn't panic yet.
She wasn't going to refer you until you asked, so presumably that's a good sign.

Oncandystripedlegs Fri 07-Apr-17 10:44:03

I was referred to a breast clinic for an armpit lump which the doc said was a swollen lymph node. They were great and did a mammogram and ultra sound and reassured me it was nothing sinister . Hope they see you soon .

MumsBiscuits Fri 07-Apr-17 11:28:18

thanks both - that's reassuring to hear your stories smile i was expecting the referral, have been seen at clinic for cysts before but was just thrown with the Surgery Clinic apmnt.. Will place it firmly to back of mind til apmnt day!

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