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Can pregnancy affect PIP decision?

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MiyazakiMeeple Thu 06-Apr-17 22:42:32

Totally expecting a flaming, please be kind.

I have a chronic condition, and have just got my invitation to my first PIP assessment (I got DLA a few years ago but didn't need an assessment then - I then recovered a little so stupidly didn't reapply when it ran out). I have since been diagnosed with autism as well so some of my form is based on that although the struggles it causes are minor in comparison to pain/fatigue/dizziness.

But I recently discovered I am pregnant. Totally unplanned. Am worried about my health obviously, although HCPs have been really reassuring (my other DCs were born before I got ill). We are going ahead with extra rest, care and monitoring.

Anyway... I'm not sure how this will affect the assessment as a few people have already mentioned that it might. That they could blame symptoms on pregnancy and therefore ignore them, or decide that since I'm well enough to conceive and keep the baby I'm not ill enough for PIP.

Anyone been through similar?

MiyazakiMeeple Fri 07-Apr-17 17:46:28

Nervous bump.

Babyroobs Sat 08-Apr-17 20:27:23

PIP is very hard to get. they will look at how your condition affects your ability to look after yourself, washing, dressing, preparing a meal etc and mobility - whether you can go out by yourself etc/ how far you can walk. I'm really not sure whether being pregnant will affect that. I suppose they shouldn't really take your pregnancy into account or consider how you will care for a baby as it's about the help you need. Is the pregnancy making your condition worse? If so they could argue that your condition might not be so bad in a few months time.

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