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Laser Arytenoidectomy

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summerholsdreamin Thu 06-Apr-17 19:26:24

Anyone had one or know someone who has?

Some years ago I had surgery on the vertabrae in my neck and unfortunately suffered nerve damage resulting in a collapsed vocal cord.

I've put up with crap voice quality for years but increasingly my breathing and ability to draw in air is becoming a problem. A camera has shown my left vocal cord to be totally paralysed.

As a result I am in the waiting list for an arytenoidectomy (easy for me to spell grin) to laser away some of the loose skin.

Am a bit scared TBH. Imagining it will REALLY hurt afterwards and worried that the quality of my voice will be even worse. Is it also really likely to improve my breathing?

Only info on Google I can find is surgery resulting from a tracheotomy
or ops done on horses!!!!

summerholsdreamin Fri 07-Apr-17 07:55:12

Bump ?

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