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Long Cycles with Copper IUD?

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user1479497126 Thu 06-Apr-17 16:49:21

So I had my IUD fitted as Emergency Contraception 😳 back on January 10th. On the 13th I had a bleed which lasted two weeks, which I'm assuming was my period even though I was still taking the pill for the rest of the month.
My next period was 24th February so it was a 42 day cycle and lasted about 5 days. Now it's April 6th (day 41) and still no sign of AF!
I was expecting it to come last Friday and nothing. I had some bloody discharge on Sunday night which made me think I was starting AF but have had nothing since.
I've also had random pink discharge throughout the month, which I put down to ovulation.
This month we've used the Pull Out method.
I'm a bit frustrated because I'm tired of taking tests as I got the IUD so I could stop worrying about pregnancy 😞

Ollivander84 Thu 06-Apr-17 16:57:10

Mine went wonky for a bit after my coil... Looking at my app I had a 7 day cycle, 32 days, 22 days etc
Now I have a regular 26 day cycle but would say it took 3-4 months to settle down

user1479497126 Thu 06-Apr-17 19:18:45

I wish I could just relax with it. If my calculator is correct, I SHOULD be on tomorrow - which I'm doubting as my AF symptoms (acne breakout) have already happened a week ago. My skin breakout is usually a sure sign I'm about to start AF, but it's starting to clear up now after a week.

On the plus side, I can still feel the strings. But I had this put in so I could no longer worry about being pregnant - and every month since, I've panicked as they've been such long cycles!

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