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cystitis - third lot of antibiotics

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bananaskin123 Thu 06-Apr-17 15:03:40

Worst case of cystitis I have ever had. Started on Monday. Took specimen to the surgery and was given a prescription for Trimethoprim. This from previous experience never works for me. Then got a prescription for Furantoin which I really thought was working but had the night from hell going to the loo every half hour. Got an appointment this morning, took a sample which finally is being sent off to the lab, and its been changed to Cefalexin. Had a horrible chest cough/cold a fortnight ago and was started on a five day course of Amoxicillin. I really felt I had still got a chest infection and when he examined me today he agreed and said the Cefalexin will hopefully clear that as well as the cystitis.

Anybody else had three lots. If so what worked best for you and how long did it take. I'm so desperate to stop feeling tired and sick!

Comps83 Thu 06-Apr-17 16:53:57

Yes I had three lots, think mine started mid Feb. Came out of nowhere. Can't offer any advice as even now I don't think it's gone, feel like it's still lurking . What happened to your sample from Monday?

bananaskin123 Thu 06-Apr-17 17:15:41

Well it seems when you take a sample in the nurse dipsticks it, then if she thinks it needs antibiotics a prescription is requested. Think its only after the second one they send it off to the Path Lab. I took it with me today when I saw the GP. Its definitely going but wont be back until Tuesday. I'm just so shattered. Really hope I can sleep tonight without bathroom breaks. Comps did you go back to check if everything was clear? A friend I was speaking to said she went on a maintenance dose of antibiotics for a month after it had cleared. Which one worked for you?

Comps83 Thu 06-Apr-17 17:20:09

Sorry can't remember, last one ended with a T. They were only 3 day courses. I should have put my foot down I know, I know I should also go back as I'm deffo not right. Just before I got the third lot I though It was going to end up in a&e. Felt like someone was twisting my kidneys. I'm not very good at looking after myself , if I was someone else I'd tell me to go back and get checked over.
I think all mine went to the labs, I hope they did as they all came back normal. Even though I was bleeding a lot and pee was so cloudy.

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