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Periods gone all wonky after cancer

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Ava5 Thu 06-Apr-17 13:55:32

Cancer's all good and cured, and treatment is long over. knocks on wood. It had nothing to do with the reproductive organs and pregnancy's not an option here. I'm not on birth control.

My periods have gone decidedly weird. I'd almost always been regular before and during chemo, and only rarely had strong cramps. After treatment, cramps got crazy strong often but they still came regularly.

Now I get all the right pre-period symptoms, but the the flow doesn't arrive for several weeks past the normal time. It took 6-7 weeks last time. I will get this checked out by my specialist when I see her, but does this sound worrying to anyone?

Comps83 Thu 06-Apr-17 16:58:43

It could be stress? I'm regular as clockwork but after a particularly stressful time I was three weeks late.

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