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lady problems

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traceysn3 Thu 06-Apr-17 06:54:02

abit of long 1, since having my 1 year old iv not gone back on any contraception (husband had snip ) my periods are every 28dys but are so heavy, i have also started to get really bad ovulation pains! they start a week after period and are really sharp sometimes and last about 3 days! after that its just a slight dull ache! iv been the docs and had bloods and scan as wasnt sure what it was at 1st! all came back normal! any1 else suffer with achy pains inbetween periodsx

Lolabels Thu 06-Apr-17 07:51:03

I did for about 18 months after having DS has eased up quite a lot now. Hopefully the same happens for you!

traceysn3 Thu 06-Apr-17 09:41:21

thanks i hope so! sometimes think i should go back on the pill to ease it a little! i google what the pain could be and all kinds come up so always get myself all worried!

Lolabels Thu 06-Apr-17 20:25:25

Google is the worst thing! If it is too bad pill may help. But since having DS having implant didn't work at all for me so just staying clear of hormones while I can

highinthesky Thu 06-Apr-17 20:29:58

The tests you've had are just the initial investigation to rule certain things out. The more your GP can narrow things down, the more precise they can be with a remedy / seek a referral if necessary - much better than asking randoms on a website!

Don't give up on your GP.

Mort123 Sat 08-Apr-17 09:00:30

I've just posted about similar feelings. I'm 6 months postpartum and getting period like cramps but also lower back ache. I've been tested for everything and all negative. GP thinks it's body getting back to normal. She said it must have been a man who wrote that your body should be normal after 8 weeks!! But as written above I'm not giving up on GP, going to ask for gynaecology referral.

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