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Is my immune system buggered?

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ohmygodyouguys Wed 05-Apr-17 20:24:20

I had a blood test last week to check out a few things after some symptoms I had, most things came back fine but I do have elevated immunoglobulin and the doctor is referring me to the hospital to see what they think about it.

In the meantime I'm away visiting ILs and have come down with what feels like the cold, I'm feeling a bit shivery and achy and just want to stay in bed where it's warm. But from what I've read elevated immunoglobulin means that my immune system is attacking my healthy cells. Does this mean I'll take longer than usual to get rid of this cold? Never thought to ask the doctor about this!

ohmygodyouguys Wed 05-Apr-17 21:18:51


ohmygodyouguys Thu 06-Apr-17 14:33:12

One more bump for luck

Booboo27 Thu 06-Apr-17 14:38:50

Try not to google things too much as you'll scare yourself to death. I have some minor liver issues and when I googled my blood test results I was getting everything from 'you're normal' to 'you have weeks left to live'.
It does sound like your immune system is under stress, but it could just be very minor stress because of something like an infection or poor diet. Have you had anything like glandular fever or the flu in the past year?

ohmygodyouguys Thu 06-Apr-17 17:22:48

I've had colds but nothing major. My diet is actually a lot better than it used to be so I don't think there's anything to worry about there. I'll see what the hospital says anyway. Had a decent rest last night and today so feeling better.

wfrances Thu 06-Apr-17 22:19:58

my immunoglobulins are raised ,after a while i was sent to haematologist then he sent me to immunology.
nothing diagnosed but something is wrong - i now take co amoxiclav .

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