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MIL rings the bell today, gift ideas?

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Mehfruittea Wed 05-Apr-17 11:24:56

MIL finishes her treatment today for cancer, having had 2 surgeries and 1 round of radiotherapy. She rings the bell on her way out, I'm sure you lovely ladies who have been in a similar position know what I'm talking about.

I'd like to get her a gift to celebrate and mark this occasion as the next chapter. Any ideas?! Thanks

NavyandWhite Wed 05-Apr-17 14:22:13

That's good news OP.
Would she appreciate afternoon tea?

MollyHuaCha Wed 05-Apr-17 14:35:30

What a lovely DIL you are. How about a plant in a pot?

Mehfruittea Wed 05-Apr-17 18:23:49

Thanks for your suggestions. I wasn't sure at all what to get her but I actually really like the idea of a plant. To symbolise growth and life. god I hope it doesn't die!

purpleprincess24 Wed 05-Apr-17 18:33:25

Have a look at the present tree, they are lovely and each tree has a 'meaning'

I've sent them a couple of times now as gifts and they have been very well received

Mehfruittea Wed 05-Apr-17 21:28:46

Thanks for the link. Ive ordered a tree for her, I hope she likes it!!

TalkingofMichaelAngel0 Wed 05-Apr-17 21:32:01

Im ordering the elder tree for my mil's bday. Thanks for the link

OnceMoreIntoTheBleach Wed 05-Apr-17 21:47:23

Could you also get her an actual bell? To ring when she feels like a boost?

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