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high cholesterol & pigging out

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T00much Wed 05-Apr-17 11:14:44

I have recently been told to reduce my cholesterol and I've been doing really well. Dr wants it tested again in 5 months. Going on holiday in a couple of weeks - do I have to stick to my regime or can I just enjoy whatever I want for a week? Is it going to make a big difference & will it undo all my hard work over the last month? (I am otherwise fitish and well, don't smoke, weight ok etc)

PollyPerky Wed 05-Apr-17 12:47:28

I think that exercise is a big factor not just food. There is mixed evidence / opinions on whether reducing fat in food actually reduces cholesterol. Some experts believe it's refined carbs / sugar that is responsible, not fat.

I'm not sure what your regime is...? If it means replacing saturated fats with healthier fats then that's a good lifestyle measure forever. I doubt that one week is going to make any difference long term if you make changes for the rest of the time.

T00much Wed 05-Apr-17 15:51:34

Thanks Polly. Yes I'm replacing saturated fat with good fat. Interesting what you say about refined carbs and sugars. Will have a go at reducing those too (after hols 😊). I do need to do more exercise though, maybe this can be my motivation

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