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Dd 18 I'm worried it's just been one thing after another

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Universitychallenging Mon 03-Apr-17 15:01:54


Hospital stay over the summer after
Vomiting for weeks straight and keeping nothing down (she was in for 3 days)

Glandular fever

Ulcers on all her "orifices" and these are slow to heal (one on her nose since July for eg)

Thrush constantly

Glands constantly up

Tonsillitis again (just about to take her to doc again now)

Eczema is horrific esp at her joints

Bloods all clear except for low folic acid and high allergen reactives so she's on folic acid and anti histsmines

She has zero appetite and has lost a sone and half since the summer which she didn't really have to lose.

All they can come up with post viral something.

Any ideas most gratefully received. I'm worried.

Universitychallenging Mon 03-Apr-17 15:06:27

I do know she can go on her own she's 18 but she's asked me to go with her she's sitting her in tears she feels so crap.

PollyPerky Mon 03-Apr-17 15:45:44

Glandular fever really takes it out of you. I had it at 28 and was exhausted for about a year. I went back into a very stressful job after 4 weeks and it was far too soon. I only coped by going to work, then going to bed at 8pm for months.

Her immune system has taken a real battering.

I don't know if she's at home or uni but what she needs is good food , good quality probiotics, rest , early nights, a bit of light exercise, and no stress.

It will take time but there is no sure for this type of exhaustion and a depleted immune system.

Universitychallenging Mon 03-Apr-17 15:47:34

Thanks. Sitting here waiting to go in

juneau Mon 03-Apr-17 15:52:44

Well you're in the right place, but yes it could 'just' be glandular fever and/or post-viral syndrome. Either of those can wipe you out for months and teen years are classic time for GF. My sister had it and was like a zombie. I remember finding her asleep at the bottom of the stairs once because she didn't have the energy to climb them first! Hope you get some ideas. Might be worth trying to get some high-calorie shakes or smoothies into her to stop her losing any more weight. There are also things like Build-Up or Complan (though I can't vouch for the taste!).

Universitychallenging Mon 03-Apr-17 16:09:42

She has tonsillitis.

Badders123 Mon 03-Apr-17 16:14:43

I had GF at 18
It took me 18 months to even feel remotely better
More Rest!!!
If she doesn't want to eat then look at things like fortisips and high calorie stuff like Ice cream, cream in soup, butter with everything
Vitamins and supplements:
Vit d
Vit b
Omega fish oil
As a minimum
Also try gaviscon of similar for her gastric woes - I imagine she has reflux from the vomiting?
Poor girl

Universitychallenging Mon 03-Apr-17 16:29:11

She has just been given penicillin for the tonsillitis. A referral for the ulcer on her face that won't heal up properly. Instructions to rest rest and more rest 😀 And if she isn't feeling better in 48 hours she's to go back.

Thanks all am a bit more reassured that it's normal after glandular fever.

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