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Epidural Lang losting effect

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HannahGraceDunning23 Mon 03-Apr-17 12:08:29

Needing som advice from anyone who has experienced the same thing. When my daughter was born in March last year I had to have an epidural before I went into theatre to have her. Whilst they attempted to put it in they missed and hit my back bone 5 times. Since then I've suffered from awful trapped nerves in my neck and back which cause migraine like headaches. I've tried to have my neck and back massaged but it hasn't help. Is it possible that when the epidural went wrong it could of damaged my nerve. I'm currently waiting to see a doctor just wanting some advice before I go. Thank you

Footle Mon 03-Apr-17 17:42:01

I don't know the answer but a year seems a very long time to have had to wait for advice about this. Can you take someone with you to keep tabs on what the doctor tells you?

HannahGraceDunning23 Mon 03-Apr-17 17:46:46

Trying to get seen by a decent doctor at my surgery is impossible these days that's why it's taken so long, usually they just check my eyes over because of the headaches and send me on my way. Yes I'll take my mum with me she's very good when it comes to getting answers and sorting things

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