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Gallstones when pregnant?

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holygold13 Sun 02-Apr-17 12:00:06

Hi all!

Just a quick question - I've been having severe sharp stabbing pains in my lower right rib for a few weeks now, with nausea and constant burping. My partner ended up calling 111 yesterday for advice after a particularly bad episode and they referred me to the out of hours doctors at the hospital. I got admitted pretty quickly after we'd seen the doctor and moved hospitals. I assumed this was because I'm 14 weeks pregnant?
However once at the hospital they took all my obs and blood test, confirmed it was in fact gallstones and booked me for an ultrasound tomorrow at 11.30. I was admitted altogether for about 20 hours.
I was just wondering, whilst I was in, there was no indication about checking if baby was ok? I know I have my ultrasound tomorrow but I'm not sure if they'll also check baby whilst I'm there or if I should contact the midwifes separately and ask for a scan? I've been having slight cramping ever since and I'm a bit worried (probably for no reason except losing one in April). Wwyd??

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