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Exercise after prolapse operation

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Albie6 Sun 02-Apr-17 08:19:16

Hi all

After a horrendous birth of my son I have a bladder prolapse which I need to get fixed. I'm very uncomfortable everyday just walking around and any higher impact exercise is out of the question.

I'm planning to have surgery soon but I'm interested to hear from other people about the exercise they've managed to get back to after a prolapse operation? I don't know if I'll be limited to walking/swimming forever more or if anything higher impact will be possible?

Grateful to hear from anyone who can give advice.

PollyPerky Sun 02-Apr-17 08:24:44

I think you need to ask your consultant as everyone is different.
I had 2 repairs 25 years ago now. It was mainly bladder but also uterine. I started running a few years after the op but after the first run felt things were getting worse, saw a physio who said no running or anything high impact- ever.

I've since found the website of Michelle Kenway and Oz physio who specialises in exercise for women after prolapse- her website is brilliant. She shows how you can exercise at home but also avoid certain Pilates exercises and abdo exercises that can make it all worse.

My only exercise now is brisk walking and floor based resistance exercises -based on Michelle's DVD.

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