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Mammogram & Ultrasound "Clear" but consultant wants me back in 6 weeks.

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SkippiDiDoDah Thu 30-Mar-17 21:22:41

Found a lump in the upper part of my left breast - more visually noticable than anything especially if I raised my arms - it kind of pulls on the nipple.

Anyway, mostly dismissed as I have lost about 1.5stone in weight, and quite a bit of that from arms/boob area - but had GP appt for something else and she referred. me. GP was pretty sure it was nothing but referral just in case. Referral got lost - so now about 4-5 weeks on from seeing GP got appointment. Last 2 days left upper breast been a bit hot feeling. Not painful as such, just "there".

Had mammogram and ultrasound today, which came back as they could only see normal breast tissue. Ultra sound guy did keep saying I had very dense breasts, though all he could see was normal glandular tissue.

Went back for final sit down with consultant He said that he had been concerned but that the test were all clear. I was then just expecting him to send me away with the all clear. And he kind of almost did - but then just as I was leaving - I want you to come back in 6 weeks - so I have booked a follow up appointment.

This has totally thrown me! Why, if it was all normal does he want me back? I haven't really been stressing about it all but his has sent me into a bit of a tizz. Has this happened to anyone else? What happened?
I am feeling a bit confused and not really looking forward to this hanging over me for the next few weeks.

PollyPerky Thu 30-Mar-17 22:22:16

I can understand your worry but it's good they are keeping an eye on it.

The issue will be the density of your breasts. Mammograms aren't 100% accurate and it's harder to see everything when breast tissue is dense.

I think they just want another look and maybe after a cycle (period) some changes either way might have occurred making it easier for them to judge.

I know it's easier said than done but try not to worry for the next few weeks.

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