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Two virus's so close

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boolifooli Thu 30-Mar-17 19:39:19

Ffs I'm in bed for the second time in 14 days having come down with something worse than the original bug I had 2 weeks ago. GP has given me a course of anitb's as have had back to back lurgies. My face feels like it's been kicked. Do I need to start taking vitamins or is this not unusual?

xxxbingbunnyxxx Thu 30-Mar-17 19:52:36

I had this recently after having chicken pox, your immune system is low from fighting the first bug, so your body isn't strong enough to fight a second one. It's crap, vitamins can't hurt, but just rest x

user1487015199 Thu 30-Mar-17 19:58:19

I've had it heavy cold (felt like flu) every month since October. Started taking vitamin d for last month and feel a bit better, think it's been a harsh. Winter for bugs.

boolifooli Thu 30-Mar-17 19:58:27

Oh I am resting but it's hard to even sleep as I'm hurting all over sad. Hope you're all better though. You really do take feeling well for granted don't you.

RustyPaperclip Thu 30-Mar-17 19:59:10

I'm the same. I had a horrible flu like bug two weeks ago, now suffering again but I feel much worse this time. It really sucks

boolifooli Thu 30-Mar-17 20:00:45

Yeah this one makes the first one look paltry. I look and sound like a man. DH on way home with co-codamol for my face.

goingtotown Thu 30-Mar-17 22:00:43

This is the third week I've had a flu virus. Too poorly to go to the GP. Taken so many pain relief tablets for aches & pains, just fed up with it. Night Nurse has been my saviour for sleeping, knocks me out for six hours.

boolifooli Thu 30-Mar-17 22:09:15

Oh going. You sure there's nothing bacterial going on?

DaisyBlameless Thu 30-Mar-17 22:10:47

I needed antibiotics fir mine, exactly the same happened in January to me.

Get well soon.

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