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Blue Badge for COPD

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AhAgain Thu 30-Mar-17 11:58:53


Can anyone help please? Does anyone have recent experience of applying for a blue badge for COPD?

Mum is now 78, COPD is getting worse (on and off, but always on antibiotics and always wheezy), she is looking decidedly more frail and not great endurance at all. I think that she is st the point where being able to park near where ever she needs to get to would be a massive advantage.

Her area is NE Somerset and they seem to be very strict on criteria:
- complete blindness
- walking difficulties
- disability with both arms

To me it fussing fit in any of those? Her legs are fine, but it is pulimnary/cardiovascular. Does that still fall within "walking difficulties"?


LaContessaDiPlump Thu 30-Mar-17 12:06:37

A known impact of COPD is activity limitation; to me that falls under walking difficulties. If I were her I'd go to my doctor armed with the blue badge criteria and ask for a letter confirming that her ability to walk distances further than (let's say) 50 metres is impeded due to her ongoing health condition of COPD and so she requires a blue badge in order to allow her easier access to shops/local services.

You could even write it yourself and ask the doctor for a signature, so as to save time. Maybe run such a letter past us on here to confirm that it's appropriately medical in tone though (they're more likely to sign then IMO). Keep it to the bare facts as stated above though - not emotive at all, strictly factual.

EllenRipley Thu 30-Mar-17 12:30:01

My mum had COPD and she has a blue badge . I think the COPD clinic at her GP practice encouraged and helped her with the application. She's in Scotland so I don't know if the criteria differs, but I'd hope not.

gunnergirl Thu 30-Mar-17 12:33:52

I work in a surgery and a number of our patients have successfully applied and received pip and blue badge for copd

AhAgain Thu 30-Mar-17 15:23:55

Thank you very much - that really helps smile

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