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Lens Induced Myopia

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eyesee Thu 30-Mar-17 10:34:34

What do people think about this? Basically the assertion is that negative prescription lens wear increases myopia. Here is some research:

(There is more that is just an an example)

My personal (and anecdotal) experience is that I have found doing eye exercises and wearing my older & weaker prescription glasses (when I can! Lots in life is dependent on good vision) seems to improve my visual acuity. (I can see pretty clearly through -4.5 lenses & my strongest prescription was -7.25)

However the subject seems very controversial. One optician was interested when she saw my eyes had improved and I mentioned it. However when I mentioned eye exercises to another optician I felt like I got a 'telling off!' - and then he proceeded to give me an increased prescription which was higher than I had expected.

I try to practice good eye habits, like not sitting for too long and too close to screens and making sure I read and do close work in good light also.

Just wondered what people think.

eyesee Thu 30-Mar-17 11:05:56

More research about the effect of wearing reduced strength lenses:

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