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Pain in leg 2 days after nighttime cramps

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FeelingClueless Wed 29-Mar-17 21:34:55

I woke up with cramp in my calf muscle 2 nights ago. A couple of days later my calf still hurts - like a pulled muscle or knotty feeling.

This has happened twice before - the pain lingering. On one occasion (last summer so ages ago) there was a large bruise on my calf the next morning.

A quick Google said to be concerned if leg red/hot. It wasn't so I was pretty unbothered.

Would most people just ignore this?

confuugled1 Wed 29-Mar-17 23:39:55

I wouldn't ignore it - particularly if there's no real reason for getting the pain. It might be a DVT, it might not be, but much better to get it checked out and be sure.

One check you can do is to measure the circumference of both legs at the point of the pain and see if there's much of a difference between them. if there is a difference of even a few cm then it's definitely worth getting it urgently checked in case it's a DVT - it's one of the checks they do when figuring out if you have a dvt when you go to get it checked out. Having said that - you don't always have a difference in leg size when you have a dvt so if they are the same then don't assume that no difference means that you are OK - it doesn't. But if there is a difference then it's just a more visible sign that there could be a problem...

I had a dvt after ds2 was born - it was only picked up because I had a different problem in my other leg and they were scanning the 'good' leg to compare it to - and there was the dvt. No heat, no real pain, no real increase in size but definitely a dvt which needed immediate treatment..

There are other things that can cause pains in your leg too so worth getting checked out even if it's not a dvt so that it could maybe be sorted out with other treatment.

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