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Yellow Teeth - Cosmetic

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SilverBirchWithout Wed 29-Mar-17 20:09:37

I wasn't quite sure whether this question fits better in General Health or Style & Beauty.

I go to the dentist regularly and use good quality toothpaste, don't smoke, or drink much tea or coffee. However as I get older (now in my late 50s) my teeth seem to be becoming much yellower. It's making me pretty self-conscious.

Is there any reason for this? And I need a fairly easy solution to the problem which will not cost me a fortune in cosmetic dentistry?

PollyPerky Thu 30-Mar-17 14:52:23

Teeth yellow with age.

Your dentist may offer teeth whitening. Don't DIY as some products are dangerous.

Costs vary but I paid around £400 - it can be cheaper- for custom made trays from the dentist and whitening gel to use with them.

SilverBirchWithout Thu 30-Mar-17 15:21:50

Thanks for the info. That sounds an OK price, so I'll ask next time I visit.

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