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Decline in Health After Miscarriage

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C4Envelope Wed 29-Mar-17 17:18:44

Miscarried in Oct 16. Devastated but getting on with things, however cant help but to notice a decline in my health. I have been hospitalised with septicaemia, (infection unknown treated with IV antibiotics), then got tonsilitis (never had it before, treated with antibs) then had my appendix out a month ago! I had my DD in Oct 2015 (emcs) and was healthy until the miscarriage in Oct 2016. In between the above I have just felt very tired/out of it and very quick to fall quite ill if I catch a virus or bug etc. really starting to get me down.
flowers to all who have experienced miscarriage in some form of another, but if you dont mind me asking.. How has your physical health been since then?

Nurse at appointment today (i have had diarrhoea for six days now) was quite concerned and has booked an appointment for next week for blood tests etc.

Thanks in advance for any of your own experiences

PlayOnWurtz Wed 29-Mar-17 18:11:49

When you're run down you pick everything up.

My physical health is shit after a miscarriage (on my 5th) I don't manage well with hormones and have had hemiplegic migraines and also breast abscesses as develop as soon as my hormone levels drop. I saw my gp today and he doesn't want me left alone after I have my ERPC in case I crash again as I go in monumental style.

I'm having tests for autoimmune issues including sjogrens and lupus as a possible cause.

PlayOnWurtz Wed 29-Mar-17 18:12:27

Meant to say sorry for your loss.

After my breast issues the specialist wanted me seen by an endocrinologist but it never happened. Hopefully it will now.

C4Envelope Wed 29-Mar-17 20:16:24

Play so sorry to hear you have also had a poor run of health and so sorry to hear of your losses flowers. The nurse today aas talking about testing for autoimune issues next week. Also for anaemia, diabetes and a few other things. I think our bodies have such a rough time of it and as you say hormones are all over the place. I developed a few cysts after my appendectomy aswell, forgot about that! Best of luck with your appointments - I do hope you receive the care you need and recover fully. Scary that you shouldnt be left alone; do you have support there to make it possible? Take care.

Sunshineandlaughter Wed 29-Mar-17 20:55:32

To be honest I'd say that your miscarriage and health problems are most likely unrelated.
If you had sepsis it's very serious as you'll know ahd can take months to recover fully - many people get post sepsis syndrome which sounds like what you might have

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