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Tips to avoid getting a cold on a plane

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saladsmoothie Tue 28-Mar-17 16:59:02

My father is ill.

I am flying with small children to visit him. It's long haul, two changes, unfortunately.

Last time we visited, we all got a cold on the plane (we always do) and gave it to him. He ended up spending a month in hospital.

He is less well now than he was last time sad

Am genuinely worried that we'll finish him off this time. Have sort of broached this with him, and he says there's no better reason he can think of for going back into hospital...

Any tips on avoiding getting a cold on the plane, or passing it on to him?

I already have all of us on Vit C supplements every day. I plan to wipe down the plane space with dettol wipes when we get on. Considering masks, but the children are small, and unlikely to wear them for the whole journey.

SpringDad Tue 28-Mar-17 17:03:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BerylStreep Tue 28-Mar-17 17:07:46

Wash hands thoroughly before, during and after the flight.

I know someone who swears by dabbing tea tree oil under her nose - she is a frequent traveller and says it works for her.

saladsmoothie Tue 28-Mar-17 17:08:39

Thank you for the link. That's interesting and useful. Will follow their advice.

hollygolipo Tue 28-Mar-17 17:21:35

First Defence nasal spray is worth a go too as it kills off any germs that make their way in. You can use it as soon as you get on the plane and again when you get off...

memyselfandaye Tue 28-Mar-17 17:24:19

I was also going to say First Defence.

saladsmoothie Tue 28-Mar-17 17:33:24

Is First Defence a saline spray?
The brand won't be available here, but there might be something similar.

CoconutPancakes Tue 28-Mar-17 20:52:14

By coincidence I saw this last week

memyselfandaye Tue 28-Mar-17 23:43:21

I think First Defence is more like a silicon spray, I think it kind of coats the inside of your nose so any bugs get trapped. I have a bottle somewhere but not the box, i'll check it and see if it tells me anything useful.

Taytotots Wed 29-Mar-17 00:05:10

If you find out the secret let me know. I got flu (proper couldn't move for a week job) last plane i was on and pneumonia the time before that shock. I rarely get sick normally do not like i have a poor immune system or anything.

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