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Adjusting to life at home after long hospital stay

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lg180000 Mon 27-Mar-17 22:27:30

Without going too much into detail (this post would be pages long!), I have just been discharged from hospital after spending 5 weeks there following complications after surgery. I'm really pleased and excited to be home but also feel quite nervous about no longer being in the hospital which I had come to see as a safe environment. I've also felt that I've become really quite close to some of the nurses after having been there for so long and it feels very strange to think I probably will never see these people again after them being a huge part of my life for the last few weeks. Has anybody else been this kind of situation? I know there is really nothing I can do about this other than try to focus on getting better and getting back to normality but I'm just struggling a bit and was looking for some advice from others who might have been in a similar situation. smile

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