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3 months into Mirena coil but migraine worse, also on propranolol

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pinguina16 Mon 27-Mar-17 17:55:36

Hi everyone,
Hoping someone will be able to help.
I suffer from migraine with aura. Up until last year the attacks were restricted to the first day of my period (acute with vomiting and diarrhoea but short lived) and being on the pill (Cerelle) kept it at bay.
However last year I started having visual disturbances and headaches every day. GP started me on beta blockers. They helped but I still have daily visual disturbances.
So in December we decided to try the Mirena coil. So now I have the coil and still on beta blockers. My quality of life has gone down since the coil was inserted. Daily migraine + acute attacks still happening. I really need this misery to end so I asked my GP to remove the coil (so hopefully I get a life back and also to see how things are without neither Cerelle nor Mirena). GP is very reluctant citing that Mirena takes 6 months to be effective and that I should increase beta blockers to 3 takes a day [she also lectured me on contraception - I do know when my period returns so will my ability to conceive so felt that was unnecessary ].
Any one else on the same boat?
My view is to see what happens once the coil is removed and then decide on action against migraine and look at new contraception (copper coil?). HELP!!!

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