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Reassurance needed!

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Elainebdbd Sun 26-Mar-17 12:22:17

Hello everyone. I'm having an operation (on my nose) in a couple of weeks time. I've never had one before and it will be a two to three hour operation. Please don't laugh but I have this fear that I won't be knocked out properly. I once read that somebody was paralysed by the anasthetic but she was actually awake and unable to signal to the surgeon that she felt the entire thing! Can somebody please tell me to chill out?! It's all I can think of and I'm terrified something will go wrong!

CautionHormone Sun 26-Mar-17 16:45:45

Hi Elaine...
I've just had laparoscopic surgery (on Wednesday) and i was worried about the exact same thing, even though this was my 7th/8th surgery, and nothing's ever gone wrong before!!
I said to my anaesthetist I was worried about waking up during the procedure, and he said it was a very, very rare occurrence... They keep topping you up with anaesthetic during the surgery so that you're completely unconscious, so there's pretty much zero chance you'll wake up during.
Don't feel silly, it's a pretty common fear I think... I felt the same!! X

MishyMashy1 Sun 26-Mar-17 16:52:45

I heard an anaesthetist explaining that they are continuously monitoring a patient whilst under general anaesthetic and would be immediately aware if the patient was in any distress. Can't remember what he said the signs would be (I'm not a medical person!) but he was giving reassurance that the patient wouldn't feel pain/wake up.

Not explained that very well!

Elainebdbd Sun 26-Mar-17 19:12:20

Thank you! X

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