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Carazett worries, can you advise me please?

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WiltshireGirl Sun 26-Mar-17 10:02:19

I've been on Carazette for a number of years and occasionally (not often) I've forgotten one but this time I forgot one and i now have a heavy period! This has happened before but it usually stops after a while after carrying on with the pills. I'm afraid of seeing my Dr about this as she kept haraging me about going on the damn coil which I don't want, she kept telling me the pill stops working after a while. Apparently she said someone in government thought it was a good idea that EVERY woman should have a coil, why?

I have Aspbergers and suffer from depression and the reason i went on the pill was because of these periods becuse I couldn't stand it anymore. even after having kids it was stil a nightmare.

I'm such a stupid cow, I'm now worried that the pill has stopped working and I'll have no other choice but to put myself through a painful procedure. I now have an ST jambed between my legs to stop the bleeding which I hope will slow down. I never thought I'd wear those again!

Can anyone put my mind at rest, the clocks have gone forward which makes things even more confusing.

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