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I keep zoning out!

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Machighlands27 Sat 25-Mar-17 16:01:23

I had my DD 5 months ago and suffered from herrendous PND, I'm now taking a high dose of Sertraline (have been taking for approx 8 weeks) the past week or two I keep zoning out and don't quite know what I'm doing most of the time, it feels like my hands take ages to tell my brain what they are doing/touching, I am finding it really difficult to follow conversation and can't always figure out how to respond to questions and sometimes say strange things. I don't feel like I'm having seizures or blacking out, I don't feel depressed or anxious any more, I'm worried as to what is going on confused I have a doctors appointment in a few days. I'm 26 and I feel like I have dementia sad anyone experienced this that could put my mind at ease?

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