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This is normal, right!?

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IfeelFloopy Sat 25-Mar-17 12:46:50

If I have to move not long after waking up (i.e. If I get up to use the loo in the night) my entire body aches. More so if I've been exercising, less so if I've been awake a while before having to get up. I've never had a conversation with anyone about it, I have always presumed that this is what happens as you get older (I'm 33). I don't remember when it started or if it's always been there, it's not unbearable or anything.

Out of curiosity I googled to see why this happens and all that was thrown up was pages about fibromyalgia. I have a close friend who has it and I know for certain I don't have have it (I know how painful and awful it is). But this is normal, right!? I'm a healthy weight, eat well, not on any meds or anything. Just staggered that I couldn't find much online to back up my assumption that it's the norm!

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